What's on Tap

Year Round Selections

Uncle Jackson's Blonde Ale
Named after the legendary Koehler poster boy, this blonde ale is golden in appearance and full in body. Smooth and delicious!
5.4% ABV
Food Compliments: Salads, Fish, Chicken.

Major McNair's' Nut Brown
In honor of Erie’s first Brewer we name this deep roasted mahogany ale. A full bodied, nutty malt taste for those who like a mouthful!
5.6% ABV
Food Compliments: Red Meats & Chocolate.

Apparition Amber Ale
In the early 1900’s a young girl named Clara lost her life in a terrible fall down the back stairwell of the station. To this day strange things go on in that area of the building courtesy of Clara. So in honor of our resident ghost we name this traditional American style pub ale.
7.2% ABV
Food Compliments: Pasta, Pork, Spicy Dishes.

Hopness Monster I.P.A.
This West coast style India Pale Ale is graced with a monstrous amount of hops. With a huge bite and a big hop profile, it may become a legend in its own right!
6.7% ABV
Food Compliments: Red Meats, Cheese, BBQ.

Railway Hefe Weizen
Our take on a German style wheat beer (hefe “yeast” & weizen “wheat”), this ale is light, crisp and refreshing. Unfiltered by tradition, she is a bit cloudy with a hint of citrus.
4.5% ABV
Food Compliments: Salads, Seafood, Spicy Dishes.

Silk Bomb
This delicious Milk Stout is full of coffee, chocolate & caramel flavors. Aged with lactose sugar, this sweet stout is smooth & silky hence the name--Silk Bomb.
5.8% ABV
Food Compliments: Pairs well with rich dishes like BBQ & Chocolate.

Seasonals and Limited Releases

We like to switch things up a bit. That leaves you with over 30 different seasonal brews to choose from throughout the year. Products & release dates are subject to change, but here’s an idea of what you can expect to see on tap this year...

“Proper Pour” Coffee Stout
“Major McNair” Nut Brown

“Peanut Butter Cup” Chocolate Peanut Butter Porter
“Big Easy” Belgian Tripel
Banana Stout

“Mojo’s Rocket Red” Irish Red Ale
“Girl Stout Cookie” Chocolate Mint Stout

Bourbon Barrel Aged Amber
Cherry Cobbler
Apricot Tripel

Five Alive
(814) LEAT Collaboration Ale
(“Hero” Helles Lager

Summer is a constant rotation of light & refreshing ales. Wheat, Sour & Pale Ales all paired up nicely with seasonal fruits. Keep an eye on our social media for weekly updates of what’s new & fresh!

“Trail Mix” Chocolate Raisin Peanut Ale
Oktoberfest Lager
“Anniversary Ale”

“Pumpkin Pie” Spiced Pumpkin Ale
“VCP” Vanilla Coffee Porter
“Cinna-bomb” Cinnamon Roll Stout

“Apple Pie” Spiced Apple Ale
Gingerbread Ale
“Shittersfull” Maple Christmas Brown Ale

“Is There Sugar in Syrup?” Double Maple Syrup Ale
“Winter White” Blueberry White Ale

Thirsty for More? Join us for INFUSED FRIDAYS!
Tapping one of our house flagship beers twisted with a different flavor infusion every Friday at 5pm.